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Neighborly disputes are not uncommon.

Most of the time, issues are over things like hedges being too tall, or a fence being obtrusive. However, a Reddit user sought feedback about a backyard yoga class.

Reddit user justwant2relax asked:

“AITA for continuing to sit on my porch and drink beer like usual even though my neighbor is having a women’s only yoga classes in our shared backyard now?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“So when I get home from work I go and sit on my back porch and drink a beer or two.”

“I just enjoy the sun and fresh air while I stare off into space. I actually share the backyard with another other unit (duplex situation). The couple that lives there got permission from our landlord to use the yard to have yoga and other exercise sessions since their indoor studio space is being closed again.

They have these classes around the same time that because it’s a convenient time for a lot of other people too. Two times a week (Wednesday and Friday) the lesson is women’s only.”

He then explained the issue that this caused.

“One of my neighbors came over after their lesson last Friday. She was very non confrontational when she approached me.”

“She acknowledged that I had every right to sit there and it wasn’t a problem on their coed class days, but said that the women felt uncomfortable with my presence during the women’s only classes and are no longer wanting to attend.”

“She explained that these are their most popular classes and the ones where they makes most of their money and they can’t afford to lose more clients. While I understood that I really didn’t want to give up my little outdoor time two days a week. So, I continued to chill on the porch like I always do.”

Then, things escalated.

“On Wednesday the class was already setting up and the women were all chatting. Not long after I sat down my other neighbor (not the same one that talked to me the first time) came over.”

“She was a lot more stern than the first one when she asked me to wait to come out til they’re done. I get a little nervous when people are mad at me so I apologized and told her I really need this time to unwind.

“She asked me if I didn’t think that these women need this time too. That they live just as stressful lives and need to be able to feel safe here and not like some drunk guy is gawking at them while they’re in tight clothes and vulnerable poses.

I’m really not trying to stare at them though. I usually just stare off into space and their right in front of my porch, so I guess it looks like I am. I also don’t drink enough to get drunk. Usually just one beer. Although sometimes more on Fridays.

Like I said I’m not really good at dealing with people when their mad at me, so I ended up just apologizing again. She just stared at me. Eventually she said I “just didn’t get it” and walked away. I could hear both of them apologizing to the women there.

In the end most of them left though. While they continued the class…


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