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Epilepsy is a condition of seizures or fits which is caused by electrical impulses in the brain. Yoga is considered to be beneficial to reduce the symptoms of this condition. Here’s how.

Epilepsy has its mention in the ancient Indian texts also and the word has been derived from an ancient Greek verb which means to seize. It’s a condition that is recognised by seizures or fits and it’s caused by abnormal bursts of electrical impulses in the brain. 

Some common symptoms of this condition are strange sensations in the body, going into a trance-like state, loss of consciousness etc. Epilepsy is caused by damage in the brain like tumour, stroke or head injury. Recent research says yoga is effective in Epilepsy and it reduces many symptoms of it. So, here’s how does it work?

The relation between yoga and epilepsy:

How does yoga work on Epilepsy?

1.Epileptic seizure frequency can be reduced by the stimulation of the Vagus nerve. And yoga causes the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system through the Vagus nerve. 

2.Stress is one of the prime factors of seizures in Epilepsy. And yoga is highly beneficial for stress. It reduces the stress level making your calm. 

3.Yoga also reduces the impacts of anxiety and depression which are also associated with the symptoms of Epilepsy. 

Things to consider

1.If you have Epilepsy then do tell your yoga teacher about it so that he can guide you with the right yoga asanas. 

2.If you are getting hurt while doing any poses, then avoid it positively.

3.If you are getting benefited by yoga, then keep practising it and don’t stop. 

What should you practice?

1.Along with yoga, meditation is also a must-have in Epilepsy. It makes you calm, reducing your stress and anxiety level. 

2.While doing other yoga poses, include Pranayama in the routine as well. It will improve your breathing. 


Before doing any Yoga, always ask your doctor about it.


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